Acupuncture: Renew & Revitalize

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New to the Clinic: First Visit
Your first visit involves a thorough questionnaire to determine a unique and individualized treatment plan.
Please allow 1.5 hours for first visit, follow up appointments are generally 1 hour.

Returning Visits
Other visits as part of your ongoing treatment plan.
1 hour

30 Minute Stress Relief
Having a bad day? Let me help you "let it go"... Come in during your lunch break, after work or just before retiring for the evening and this treatment will help calm your emotions - which makes for a healthier you.
30 minutes

The use of cups suctioned onto the skin at stationary points instead of needles or may be used to massage for pain relief, relaxation or cellulite reduction.
30 minutes

Infrared Heat
Infrared heat lamp spot treatments for pain management.


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